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About Bruce Fuhrer

Bruce Fuhrer is a very talented, experienced and enthusiastic Australian nature photographer and mycologist, specialising in fungi photography.

Bruce Fuhrer's photographic collection of fungi numbers more than 3000 species. Bruce began his career as a photographer in Portland, Victoria, Australia in 1955. In 1957 he formed the Portland Camera Club and was its President for six years.


Bruce’s first publication was in 1978

– 'A Field Guide to the Common Genera of Gilled Fungi in Australia'.
Bruce has written many books on Aussie fungi, such as his very popular
'A Field Guide to Australian Fungi'.







Bruce Fuhrer Fungi

Bruce has discovered several previously undescribed fungi species and described many liverworts.

The four fungi named after Bruce are:

•  Calostoma fuhreri, Hygrocybe fuhreri, Hypoxylon fuhreri and Mycena fuhreri

Two liverworts have been described with Bruce's name. They are:
•  Fossombronia fuhreri (Fuhrer's Frillwort) and Bazzania fuhreri.




Bruce has spent decades wandering Australian forests, particularly within

Victoria and Tasmania, searching for unusual and undiscovered fungi.

He has volunteered countless hours delivering guided walks and talks
to diverse local groups. 
Bruce worked for 25 years in the School of Biology
at Monash University, VIC.
At this time Bruce co-authored several species of
Cortinarius. For this work at Monash University, Bruce received an Honorary
Master of Science degree in 1988.

•  2011 Order of Australia Medal (OAM)

•  2009 Andrew Gibson Nature Medallion from the Australian Photographic Society Inc. (APS)

•  2005 Life member of Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV)

•  1995-1998 Honorary Associate, National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

•  1995 Honorary Research Associate, Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Monash University

•  1989 Australian Natural History Medallion from the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV)

•  1988 Honorary Master of Science degree, Monash University

•  1976 Life member of Ringwood Field Naturalists Club Inc.

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