Bruce has published these 10 books, often in collaboration with other Australian botanists.
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This Aussie fungi guide is Bruce's most recent book (see photo):

2010 - A Field Guide to Australian Fungi (Revised edition) ISBN 9781876473518

Bruce Fuhrer Fungi Guide Book


  • 2003 - Field Guide to the Mosses and Allied Plants of Southern Australia,
                David Meagher & Bruce Fuhrer (Flora of Australia Supplementary Series No. 20)
                ISBN 9780642568281

  • 2002 - Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia, Corrick & Fuhrer ISBN 9781877058844

  • 2001 - Australian Fungi: A Field Companion ISBN 9781876473402

  • 2001 - Wildflowers of Victoria, Margaret G. Corrick & Bruce A. Fuhrer ISBN 9781876473143

  • 1992 - Rainforest Fungi of Tasmania and South-East Australia, Bruce A. Fuhrer & Richard Robinson
                ISBN 9780643052413

  • 1988 - Seaweeds of Australia, text edited by Iona G. Christianson, Margaret N. Clayton & Bruce M. Allender
                ISBN 9780589502935

  • 1985 - A Field Companion to Australian Fungi, ISBN 0867880635

  • 1984 - A Field Guide to The Common Genera of Gilled Fungi In Australia (Mushrooms and Toadstools)

                Martina Cole, Bruce A. Fuhrer and Albert Holland, Revised edition ISBN 9780909605117

  • 1980 - Flowers and Plants of Victoria and Tasmania, Gordon R. Cochrane, Bruce A. Fuhrer, Edward R. Rotherham,
                John Simmons, Marion Simmons, James Hamlyn Willis, Revised edition ISBN 9780589502560


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